PR ( Public Relations ) App Developers | App Development for PR Agency

Do you want your Public Relations agency to stand out? To be different? To be efficient? Well, you surely have come to the right place. Get an application developed for your agency from AppVeteran. We have the best app developers in Toronto and therefore we can develop an awesome application for your PR agency. Public Relation Mobile App Development

Your agency needs to have a smartphone application in order to be better accessible to your clients. The smartphone application will let them communicate from anywhere. New clients will be attracted through the material on your application. With an application you are sure to come into spotlight and attract new clients.

Mobile App Development for Public Relation Company

AppVeteran will provide you with an application loaded with features as per your requirement.

AppVeteran consists of a team of highly skilled project managers, graphic designers, programmers and SEO. They are the ones who bring your ideas to life and create possibilities for you to grow.

Our experienced team builds app on IOs and Android.

It is AppVeteran’s goal to deliver satisfaction to their clients and we have been doing so for the past years. Come, start a fruitful relation with us for your prospering PR agency.

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Pest Control App Developers | App Development for Pest Company

Pests – a never ending problem for farmers. Then come in pest controllers and BAM! Pests have been eradicated. It is expensive though. Paperwork needs to be submitted regarding what sort of pest were used etc. Preparation of such documents is detailed, hence, lengthy and time consuming.

Mobile App Development for Pest Control Companies

AppVeteran is an app development company our qualified mobile app developers in Toronto designs and develops apps for pest controllers as well as other apps in its huge and diverse portfolio. AppVeteran has completed numerous projects with its clients worldwide.

Want to get an app built for your pest control business? Surely, AppVeteran is the right place to get it done from.

It will be a pest control app made by pest controllers for pest controllers.

An app for your pest control business can prove to be beneficial. Your clients can aid from it whenever they want to through FAQs. Your clients will be better able to communicate with you. This will increase efficiency for you and your clients as well. You will surely attract new clients. An app for your business will make you stand out – give you an edge.

AppVeteran will provide you with a customized app loaded with useful features according to your requirements.

AppVeteran develops apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

AppVeteran possesses a team of experts – project managers, graphic designers, programmers and SEO – who work together and bring out a product that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We have a determined team that makes sure that the clients and customers are satisfied at every phase, in every aspect.

We at AppVeteran aim to satisfy our clients and have been doing so. Let’s start a bond that will surely strengthen with the passage of time.

Join in and avail cost benefits and efficiency for your pest control business.

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Pizzeria App Developers | Mobile App Development for Pizzeria

With the introduction of smartphones there has been a new trend of ordering food online through a dedicated smartphone application.

You own a pizzeria and want to attract an audience? Get an application developed from AppVeteran for your pizzeria.

Mobile App Development for Pizza Restaurant

Provision of a smartphone application will allow you to increase your customer base by attracting audience. The application will display useful information and mouthwatering pictures that will make people order from your place. There are applications connected to several restaurants but having an application of your own will make you stand out be more efficient.

Best Mobile App Development Company Canada:

AppVeteran can develop an application as per your requirement. Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals – project managers, graphic designers, programmers and SEO – who can bring your ideas to life and be a footstep towards your growth.

At AppVeteran, we aim to satisfy our cutomers through our end product and we have been doing so for years.

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App Development for Businesses in Whitby

A great mobile app not only understands its basic functions, it knows its audience and is designed for them. AppVeteran knows and understands that the essence of the idea needs to be unique to its audience. Our thoughtfully designed apps talk to the specific needs of its users.

We are expert at:

  • App Design
  • App Development
  • Apps Marketing
  • App Store Optimization

app design

Our mobile apps promise to take your ideas to a whole new level of creativity and awesomeness. If you want to know more about our mobile app development service you may contact us at Phone: (+1)289.270.4382

App Development for Business in Oshawa Ontario

AppVeteran thinks of the whole package and not just the coding. We know that building an app is not just about coding but about creating a functional design and keeping the user experience our utmost priority.


Our Expertise Include:

  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • ASO ( App Store Optimization )

We as a team are ready to perform all of the app development functions including design, usability, and testing and provide our clients with the best!

Mobile App Development for Small Business Owners

With us, you opt for someone who you can build a relationship with. App development is not a one-time shot. Mobile apps have to go through many stages of evolution and cycles in relation to constant user feedback. Our mobile development team will stick with you throughout the whole procedure of the product and not abandon the ship ever. We take an oath to stand by till your app is hosted and all done! We are sure to make awesome apps for small businesses. We are affordable and extremely talented when it come to making awesome mobile apps. App Veteran Inc. is ready to help. Contact us at or call us at  (+1)289.270.4382 Canada to know more about our services.


Attorney App Developers | Mobile App Development for Law Firms

AppVeteran holds a legit portfolio in terms of a good development company. We have excellent U/UX skills and with us, you can always keep an eye out for the best-looking apps with excellent user interfaces.

Mobile App Development for Lawyers

AppVeteran works on making their apps extremely user-friendly and as a result, sixty percent of our application is about how a user interacts with it. We have years of experience in making mobile applications for law firm. If you have an idea of app that your want our developers to convert into awesome app bring it on.


App Veteran Inc. is ready to help. Contact us at or call us at  (+1)289.270.4382 to know more about our services.

Mobile App Development for Finance Industry

By choosing AppVeteran you do not only choose a developer but a partner who is genuinely interested in your business, not just the development. Being the best of the development companies, we not only guide you throughout the process of development, but chip in our creative input based on our experience with similar apps.

Finance & Banking Mobile App Development Company

We definitely know what works and what doesn’t on the app store based on our experience with many of our valuable clients. Check out at Mobile app development in Canada for finance industry.

finance app development

Online Shopping App Development | Mobile Commerce App Developers

Do you own a business and don’t have an app yet? If the answer is an affirmative then your business identity honestly doesn’t exist. To keep up with the modern era, people and companies are alive and thriving because of their online presence. Internet is the key to make yourself known to the outside world.

Online Shopping App Developers Toronto:

An E-Commerce app is what you need to have for your business. It contains information about what you have in store for your clients and clients can shop through mobile app.

Ecommerce Mobile App Development Company

Online buying and selling has now become a billion-dollar industry. People have gotten addicted to this method over time and it has now declared a takeover. Individuals out there are looking for means to get access to everything at the tips of their hands- and we’ve got just the fix for that.

Be it bobby pins or big giant equipment- Being part of the global village means for you to have your product or service as an online entity. AppVeteran provides you with mobile solutions such that you attract masses at with app convenience.

Giving your site the look and feel your consumers are comfortable with is the key to a successful e-commerce app. Our team of web experts caters to each detail such that the app let customers interact and shop with ease.

Our team of expert mobile app developers, graphic designers help in designing online business app which lead your customers to see what they want in a way that is swift and easy. The comprehensive e-commerce app will result in motivating your customer to buy from you only. With backhand solutions, we promise to build something explicable. Contact us today!

We also Develop:

Nightclub Mobile Apps

Fitness Mobile Apps

News Mobile Apps

Dermatology Mobile Apps

Travel Mobile Apps

Beauty Mobile Apps

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Car Dealers Mobile Apps




Gym/Fitness mobile app developers – Fitness App Development

At AppVeteran, we are proud to inform you that we create and develop innovative gym, health and fitness apps along with other in our much diversified portfolio.


Over the past few years the mobile development industry has flourished. This has enabled all the smartphone users to do whatever they want to from the comfort of their homes. Unable to get free time to do other things you want to? Not a problem anymore! Dedicated mobile applications have made it a whole lot easier for us to learn and do different stuff at home. At the same time our phones are our teachers, doctors and coaches.Here we focus on the gym and fitness apps proving very essential in our busy routines.

Fitness Club Gym Mobile App Development Company:

Fitness apps faced a boom in its downloads in 2016 when people became more involved in healthcare and sports.Since then there have been numerous health and fitness apps in the app market.

Do you want a fitness app to be developed for you that will attract a huge crowd? You are surely at the right place. Think of the possibilities a shiny new app would bring for your business to grow.

Mobile App Development Toronto

Our experienced team of project managers, graphic designers, programmers and SEO work together to bring your ideas to life. We infuse creativity and simplicity bringing forward an app you can be proud of.

Our team builds app on IOS and Android.

It is our goal to deliver satisfaction for both our clients and the target audience. Hence, we make sure that this goal is achieved with every app we build.

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